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The Day After is here!

2 May 2024

The Day After is here!

After working tirelessly since Sep/ Oct 2023. When I first planned out the book and put keyboard to screen as it were on December 1 it is hard to believe its out. It has been a joy to write and I hope a joy for you to read. I had planned to release one of the other two novels I had been writing next. But, coming back into this world felt like putting on a warm blanket on a cold night with a hot cup of chocolate and a movie I've been wanting to watch all ready to go. It just felt like coming home. I'm really proud of this one and I can't wait for you to read it.

Here's a brief look at what it took to create it.

September 2023: Chris Era created two covers. One for the Day After. Another for the third book. This was too inspire me while I write.

October 2023 : Started planning out the novel with scribblings and mutterings on my iPhone notebook.

November 1 2023, first page written.

Dec 28 2023 final page written.

Jan 2024: Editing, rewriting, re-reading over and over.

Feb 2024: Sent it out to be edited by Jessica hay.

March 2024: editing Jess's work, adding final touch's. reworking Artwork with Chris and finalising.

Formatting the book for Paperback, hardcover and eBook.

April 2024: Uploading to Amazon, and other sites. Sending copies out for reviews.

May 1 2024: Out into the world.

And there it is. Finished and ready for your consumption. I really wanted to show in this book how dangerous this world has become. Humans really are a virus that the world wants to be rid of. I want to make each book a little different from the last. One, to keep you guessing. Two, to keep the reader enthralled. Three, To keep the reader on the edge of their seats. Four, to entice you and keep you wanting more.

Speaking of which. I'm almost two thirds through the next one. So hold onto your hats. More is coming! first, you must survive Book Two. Good luck and as Shelby says:

"Hope is alive!"

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