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New Book Covers and Series Title, Plus Self Publishing.

3 Mar 2024

With the upcoming release of The Day After I've decided to update the cover of A Day in the Life. Adding Book One and Novella to the titles. Something I should have done in the beginning, but, you live and learn. Seeing as A Day in the Life is a first short step into the world, I have just made the audiobook free!. This will hopefully bring new readers and listeners on board for the, The Day After. I have just received my rights back from my publisher and I'm happy to announce that I will be self publishing moving into the future. I see this as a huge bonus as I've learnt so much over the last year. I am now able to control my future in all aspects. Which I was pretty much doing anyway. Things to look out for in the near future. Links will be going to the new updated (Re-edited and formatted) book of A Day in the Life (Novella) Which will be available in Paperback, eBook and now Hardback also. This new edition will feature the first two chapters of The Day After. Currently The Day After is being edited and formatted and the audiobook is in the works as we speak. More to come soon on the audiobook. The release for The Day After is set for May 1 2024.

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