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Introducing Annabel Masseurs, narrator for The Day After Audiobook

8 May 2024

Introducing talented narrator Annabel Masseurs. Daughter of Andrew she will be narrating The Day After Audiobook. From a young age Annabel has always been fantastic with voices. With an easy going nature and built in sense of humour she was an easy choice to take on the reading of The Day After. She has big shoes to fill after the amazing job that David Piper did on A Day in the Life. But she will bring her own sense of character and life to the story while doing her best impression of a kiwi accent. Annabel put her hand up for the part and Andrew accepted. Taking on the engineering job himself Andrew will have a busy time of it engineering the audiobook and also writing the third novel. Luckily he has his daughter beside him on this one.

You can listen to Annabel's first chapter reading from The Day After for free on soundcloud.

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