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Artwork for A Day in the Life

Andrew Masseurs

23 Jul 2023

Artwork for A Day in the Life by Chris Era

Well, it's been a bit of a slog getting the artwork for A day in the life completed. I had an idea, in fact many ideas.

The main figure I knew had to be a cross between Kurt Russell and Tom Hanks from Cast Away. Kurt Russell was the version from The Thing, A movie I watch pretty much every year. Michael, from the story had let himself go and was slightly crazed. the artwork I received from the publisher was good but I didn't feel it was going to make the impact I wanted. So, I went on a search to find an artist who could meet what I had in my mind. I found two through internet searches. Chris Era, came back first and sold me with his passion for the project. I rambled on about movies and artwork like the movie, The Road. Dystopian images. I wanted something big with creatures, fireworks, guns and knives. Chris listened and ignored me. Instead he came back with the perfect image. A man looking back at the reader with emotion. I was over the moon. I wanted something that would enhance the story. Instead I got back an image that would compete with other images on the bookshelf! Thank you Chris Era. Find him under the guise of 'THISISREALLYCHRIS',. Check out his work in portfolios on this site.

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