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A Day in the Life now available

Andrew Masseurs

9 Nov 2023

A Day in the life is now available online. The Audiobook is also available for purchase at your favourite online store. If you're in New Zealand the best choice would be Amazon. Australia Amazon has sold out but will be re-stocking for all you wonderful kiwis. All other Amazons have stocks apart from America, which has 1 left. UK has plenty of options for you as well as other stores in the U.S Click here to shop. The book is pretty cheap so it won't break the bank. As reviews keep coming in we'll place them up on the front page of the website for viewing as long as they don't have spoilers, otherwise they won't be linked. If you've brought a copy I thank you for supporting. I hope the thrills are many! If you loved the book please write a review at you're favourite online store so others may discover it. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it. Andy

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