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Andrew Masseurs is a solo musician from Wellington, New Zealand.

Andrew was lead singer for the New Zealand band Ammp. Creating an album From the back of the Sun, with 9 singles and ep This Chaotic Symphony. Andrew was in the 2005 TV2 Play it Strange Documentary Songstar with Mathew Powell featuring their song All I Wanted. Ammp received NZ on Air grants for songs All I Wanted and Ironman and a NZ on Air rebate for Go for Radio Play. Ironman was part of the New Zealand Olympic Challenge official Play it Strange Cd 2011. Ammps song Go was synced in a Vodafone TV Advert and the song Don’t Leave Me Here was in the TV Series Go Girls. Ammp’s songs Let the sunlight in, Sgt Mayhem and Rabid Creature made the semi finals of the International Songwriting Competition 2011, 2013.

Andrew has ventured out to create his own Pop/Rock tunes that are creative, adventurous and personal. Playing all instruments and also mixing his own tunes it is a journey of growth and learning. Andrews first solo album ‘Origins’ was released in 2018. With 8 singles released to radio. Deep Sunrise from the album made the Semi-finals of the International songwriting competition 2018. Andrew has now released his follow up album Traveller in the Sky. Andrews songs from the new album made the semi finals of The Unsigned Competition 2018 (Set me free) and International songwriting competition 2018 (Everyone wants to be your love and Days they come days they go). Some comments so far... "some of his best work yet" Jacquie Walters, and " could easily be a household name before the end of 2019" Jussrussradio "With Origins, he proved his versatility as an artist, but with Set Me Free, he proved the heights of his talent" AnRFactory.

Following the release of the album Origins (2018) and Traveller in the Sky (2019) Andrew Masseurs is proud to release his first single She’s so Nasty, first single from the upcoming album Fuzz Bomb due out Oct 1 2020.

“ Moving into a new decade I decided to create an album that is alive, different and relating to the times and trials we are currently facing. Using the title Fuzz (distorted guitars)  and Bomb (explosion) as inspiration Ive created tracks that are big, strong and purposeful. I’ve really enjoyed making this album and  I hope it comes through in the songs. 

I will be releasing three single ep’s over the next month in Anticipation of the
upcoming album release. She’s so Nasty, Stand up and Hearts on Fire.

Look out for songs from the Traveller in the Sky / Fuzz bomb writing sessions and acoustic renditions of Andrew Masseurs tunes and ammp.


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