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Fuzz Bomb

Andrew Masseurs Third Solo Album Fuzz Bomb

Andrew Masseurs is proud to release his third solo album Fuzz Bomb. Created between Jan and Sept 2020.Following the release of the album Origins (2018) and Traveller in the Sky (2019)

“ Moving into a new decade I decided to create an album that is alive, different and relating to the times and trials we are currently facing. Using the title Fuzz (distorted guitars) and Bomb (explosion) as inspiration I've created tracks that are big, strong and purposeful. I’ve really enjoyed making this album and I hope it comes through in the songs.


A special thank you to my beautiful, supportive wife Hana, my incredible family, Connor, Reuben, Lily and Annabel whose love, inspiration and laughs, carry me. To Howard Rogers from Bring it on Studios. Howard Mastered this and the previous two albums. He is a wizard and gos out of his way to create something special. Finally to Sam Hyde (Piano) and Vanessa Leighs (Violin) thank you for your wonderful work on last track Still on the Run.

Turn it up loud, listen from start to finish and I hope you enjoy.

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