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'The storyline was beautiful'

'The narrator made this book come alive'

Readers Choice
'This is a refreshing read.

The writing style of the author is amazing.'


'As debuts go I can’t fault the story one bit, Impressed is an understatement.'


'this book kept me on the edge of my seat.

Strongly recommend.'

The Prairies Book Review
'An imaginative, gripping story of loneliness, endurance, and perseverance.' 

Sassy Reviews

'this is a gripping read and I enjoyed every bit of this book.'

'the author skilfully constructs a captivating world, blending laughter and fear.'

The Audiobook Review 
'it had me thinking about what I would do in such a scenario, and at the end of the day, that’s a sign the story has hit its mark'

Jithendra Jithu #4 top reviewer goodreads
If you're a fan of apocalyptic fiction with well-developed characters and a compelling narrative,
This book is a must-read.


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Andrew Masseurs has been writing, drawing and telling stories since he was a young child. Perhaps it was inevitable that he would fall into grappling with words, language and music as his creative loves. He is privileged to share his work with a large and welcoming audience. Get in touch to discover more about his work, writing, songwriting process and future endeavors.
Andrew lives in Upper Hutt, New Zealand with his wife Hana and four children, Connor, Reuben, Lily and Annabel.

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A Day in the Life

Andrew Masseurs is extremely proud and excited to share his debut novel, A Day in the Life. The project  was discovered inexplicably while on holiday. Having climbed the mountain with his musical exploits, Andrew found himself stumbling at the bottom of another mighty mountain. It might have been a lengthy one, taking two and a half years, but this was one story that

really needed to be told. 



Michael awakens to a world where everyone has mysteriously disappeared. Not only must he come to grips with the sudden loss of his family, but he must also survive in a changing, overgrown, perilous earth filled with new predatory creatures while searching for his wife and missing daughter. A Day in the Life for a man on the edge surviving in a dangerous new world.
A gripping 
suspense, thriller, horror debut novel by author Andrew Masseurs.

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen


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